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HYG is a warrior guitar player reaching the world with his unheard of guitar infused with vocal melodies that stand in their own unique style. From his famously unstoppable right hand to his poetic lyrics, there is infinite depth to HYG’s music.

Discovering his passion for the guitar at the age of 5, HYG dove deep into every possible sound he could bring out of his instrument. As time progressed he also discovered poetry and songwriting and learned that making music was more than just great fun, it was healing.  

For HYG, creating music is a liberating experience as he explores themes like childhood, relationships to others and relationships to life itself.  The entire creative and performance process, he’s found, helps release pain and creates an access point to freedom.  

The goal and hope of HYG is to create music that makes an impact to his listeners. Whether that impact be small or large, he hopes the vibration of his music reaches you. HYG is here to not only share, but to listen with you as well.

Hyg as worked as a music writer for Rondor (Santa Monica, CA) and played the Rock n’ Roll Fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma.  He’s also recorded in the famous Jungle Room Studio on Glendale CA, and worked with a number of well known and respected artists including Curt Bisquera, Matt Bissonette (Elton John’s bassist), Matt Maui (original bassist, Counting Crows).  

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